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Crafting artistic lathe turned wooden bowls for parlor decor and living room accent.

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I've spent 40 years in active pursuit of this, my life's dream. My purpose has never been about profit as the primary motive. The emphasis has always been my personal quest for excellence in craftsmanship and artistic design. Therefore, my objectives are truly in tune with the "heart of an artist."

Look for classic elegance, unique artistic shapes, finely executed flowing curves, crisp well defined corners, and multiple cleanly cut details. These desirable woodturning aspects will distinguish my work with the art collector and woodworking connoisseur alike.

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Here are some of my latest works.
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If you are looking for craftsmanship in a turned bowl, EccentricOldGuy is the guy you want to buy from! I have purchased repeatedly from him (I give his turnings as business gifts) and his work is second to none in my opinion.


This is the 6th bowl that I have purchased from Kelly. They are all stunningly beautiful. Kelly produces the best bowls on Etsy.


This bowl is beautifully crafted. I really like the way light reflects in the wood's texture. You may be eccentric, but it's clear that you love what you do. Thank you!

Cora Stagner

This is my second purchase from you and this piece is equally as stunning as the first bowl. Wow, amazing workmanship. I love how you pack these bowls so there is no chance of them getting damaged in shipping, Thank you so much.


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I am inspired by Mother Nature's beautifully figured domestic and exotic woods from around the world!